An open world , fantasy-medieval RPG for PC and Console

About The Game

Stormrite is an open-world RPG set in a fantasy-medieval world. You play the role of a young squire, exploring a world full of chaos and conflict. Become an expert assassin, learn the arts of dark magic, or lead your armies into large scale war. The choices are limitless and the fun is endless.

Across the land, there were drawings and scratchings on the walls that hinted at some greater being. A being that could control time, the earth, the underworld, and anything else imaginable. There were drawings of it creating tornadoes, raising demons from the earth, and stopping time altogether. This being was feared across the land, and also worshipped by those who were too afraid to be afraid of it. They called it ‘Rek-Tu-Hiem’, ‘Requiem’ in modern terms.

You will learn about this being while navigating the difficult world of Stormrite, meeting friends and foes along the way, creating your own story in a quest that can end in one of two ways. You being a hero of the people, or becoming just as powerful and feared as Requiem itself. The choice is yours...


  • Fully open world for you to explore

  • Collect and discover hundreds of items

  • Immersive gameplay - less "hand-holding" with quests, with multiple endings to major quest-lines​

  • A Multitude of weapons for you to collect and use

  • Large scale war - pick a side and fight in large scale wars across the map

  • Dynamic parkour - complex parkour system allows you to explore the world with ease

  • Impressive original soundtrack to enhance the gameplay experience

  • Caves and dungeons

Gameplay Trailer